Limitless imagination in troll beads


Troll beads are an entire world in a piece of jewelery.
They are sun & shadow, fire & water, Yin & Yang, black & white; each other’s opposites and symbiosis. They are a tribute to the world’s diversity. No two of the 400 different Troll beads are alike, that is what makes them so unique. What they do have in common, though, is that they all can be strung on a chain of gold or silver, that every single one is an original and that they consist of the highest quality materials available – but here is where the similarity ends. Continue reading Limitless imagination in troll beads

Creating Troll beads

‘Ancient technique in a brand new package’ is a way of describing the latest production methods employed at ‘Lise Aagaard Copenhagen’.

The road from idea to finished product can be paved with many difficulties, but the technique is the constant that makes otherwise unthinkable combinations of design, material and detail in the Trollbeads possible.

The Trollbeads are handmade in nature’s own materials – silver, gold, pearls, jewels and glass. Some of the designs are instruments.

When the original model is in place, a ‘master’ is cast. This is the basis for all the future Trollbeads of this model that will eventually end up on the customer’s arm. For this process an exceptional technique is used – the so-called ‘cire perdu’ or ‘lost

wax’ method. With this you can make copies from wax to precious metals so precise that even the smallest crack is reproduced.

This technique is 3,000 years old and has been used by Indian goldsmiths travelling from town to town with their crucible, by Chinese smiths casting tea-pots and by our own smiths casting the famous lures. This was quite a feat in those days when you consider the difficulty and importance of keeping a steady temperature in order to get a good result. A problem that has been overcome by today’s smiths – well, almost!

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