History of beads. Troll beads

According to historicans, beads were known since ancient times. It is also known that beads has different functions in different places.

-It was  an amulet
-Sometimes is was used like modern passport- The owner of the most unique beads were confirmed as a wealthy people;
-Used as a form of dialogus. For example some ancient people wrote letters with the help of beads to their lovers;
-Played a role of money (as payment );
-It was applied by ancient shamans and mediums as the tool for  their work.

ancient beads

Originally the beads in the ancient times looked not like our modern beads: People used teeth, kernels, small bones (as beads)which masters turned to original ornaments acted. For the same purpose were used even small slices of stalactites from gloomy caves .
These slices of stalactites  were combined with beads of different size, a teeth of the animals killed while hunting, multi-coloured feathers of birds.

Besides, the most primitive drill  has appeared at the beginning of a civilisation that   allowed to successfully to use successfully decorative stones (for example:agate). In Egypt and Mesopotamia lazurite was processed in beads,they had round and cylindrical  forms.
At the same time (approximately three thousands years B.C.)people  have learnt to make beads (faience) of the burnt sand with small additives of fat clay. With development of trade and glass craft, the beads become very demanded and profitable business. Since 13 century,Venice becomes a monopolist in the field of producting beads. For a long time they stored craft secrets, exercising the power, reprisals, secret services.

But soon Egyptian glaziers started to compete Venice in art of making beads, there also appeared  Phoenician, Danish, Dutch beads. People developed new know-hows in production different types of beads.Thats why beads received popularity. Beads manufacture has passed to an industrial basis. Now beaded art has not stopped in the development, it develops and surprises us every day.

Nowadays, we have a lot of different types of beads. Beads differs from each other by colour, shape and size. Today, one of the most populat types of beads are troll beads.

troll beads

Troll beads is the unique  jewelry line.  For over three decades the people at have been creating troll beads that have history, beads that tell a story.  Troll beads are affected by mythology, astrology, fairy tales, fauna, flora, cultural diversity and familiar themes from everyday life. For many  years collectors have found many different   troll beads and continue to collect and find meaning in each bead, telling their story.  Every  Troll beads  have it’s  own history and just like the person created it, troll beads continues to advance and encrease populariry.