Limitless imagination in troll beads


Troll beads are an entire world in a piece of jewelery.
They are sun & shadow, fire & water, Yin & Yang, black & white; each other’s opposites and symbiosis. They are a tribute to the world’s diversity. No two of the 400 different Troll beads are alike, that is what makes them so unique. What they do have in common, though, is that they all can be strung on a chain of gold or silver, that every single one is an original and that they consist of the highest quality materials available – but here is where the similarity ends. More than 20 designers from Denmark and abroad have created the Troll beads; designers with a variety of backgrounds, philosophies, experiences, thoughts and dexterity. This immense variation gives an idea of Troll beads scope. The designers are all invited to do a specific task, but all have managed to convey their own message. Some have a knack for geometric designs; some excel in the creation of light and shadow; some have a talent for daring combinations and dazzling play of colors while others excel in the creation of animals, mythological figures and trolls.
They are creative, original and dynamic. It goes without saying that some troll beads sell better than others. Certain pieces will inevitably become hits. The earliest models, Troll beads that have been around for 30 years, are in fact some of the best-selling pieces of the collection such as”Lucky Knot”. The designers work in eighteen-carat gold, sterling silver, Italian glass, pearls and precious stones. Some have been modelled straight out of the hard metal, some have been cast in wax and others have been moulded from the red-hot glass in the open flame.
It is this diversity that gives the customer the unique experience. She becomes the designer when she creates her own personalized jewelery, and she decides which story she wants it to tell. It is a far cry from the tiny kitten, gazing apprehensively upwards, to the massive Valentine Troll bead, adorned with three Swarovski crystals, in an entirely new triangular Troll bead.
Many Troll beads have modest stories to tell; stories of the past, symbolic tales of lost civilizations, and H.C. Andersen’s fairy tales to name a few; others tell tales of the cosmos, the ocean or even nature itself. It is magic, witchcraft and mystique.
Some Troll beads almost taste like candy, smell like perfume or conjure up sounds of the crashing waves. Troll beads stimulate all the senses and imagination knows no boundaries. The variations of Troll beads are endless – but they last for a lifetime.
New Troll beads are created constantly, in new shapes that continue to revitalize the collection.

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