Making a beaded tree on your own


This post is for those who areinterested in creating unique beaded trees on their own.
So if you deside to create such a beaded tree, you will need the following materials: Beads of green color (some shades we will preliminary mix), wire, Floristic tape of brown color,  Scotch tape,  glue,  colored stones,  slides (or any other decorative elements).
Lets begin to create our own unique  beaded tree! The work is very long but the result will be amazing.

1.Cut 200 pieces of wire (approximately 45cm). Make the beads slip through each wire to make 7 loops with 8-9 beads in each piece. Make this 200 times. This will be the branches of our future beaded tree.

Our next step is to connect this piece of wire with beads and create a beaded tree.

Средние веточки из проволоки и бисера своими руками для бонсая

Not connect “small” branches in more bigger ones. You can easily manage to do it with the help of Scotch tape.

Соединяем из средних веток из проволоки и бисера для бонсая из бисера ветки побольше своими руками

Большие ветки бонсая, дерева из бисера своими руками

Утолщаем дерево из проволоки и бисера к низу своими руками для правдоподобности

Бонсай дерево из бисера и проволоки своими руками готово

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  1. I love this beaded tree! having spent 3 years on Okinawa, Japan, I grew to love the talent they have with bonsai. I will definitely make this tree! Thanks for posting it.

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